Lawn Care and Irrigation Responsibilities

  • Congratulations on the purchase of your new home. As part of a beautiful home, the curb appeal is just as important to our new buyers as their home. We installed new sod as part of your landscape package, and it is imperative that it is watered on a consistent basis. Failing to provide adequate water amounts could result in unhealthy sod and or killing the sod all together.

  • As part of the landscape acceptance explained during your homeowner orientation, your lawn/sod, all landscaping, and irrigation system is the homeowner’s responsibility (please see # 2 of exclusions in section

VIII on page 8 of the 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty Booklet).

  • If your property has an irrigation system installed it contains 3-6 zones. Each zone has 7 irrigation heads. Each head distributes approximately 3 gallons of water per minute per zone. Please make sure you read your irrigation manual carefully and set your system to desired water frequencies. Please understand that your irrigation system settings could result in high water usage and result in higher-than-normal monthly water bills.

  • Properties with irrigation systems should locate their sprinklers heads prior to mowing the lawn. In addition, please make sure you are not parking on the lawn itself. Any damaged heads caused by mowing over them or running over them with a vehicle is at the homeowner’s expense for repair and or replacement.

  • During rain events it is not uncommon to have puddles and or water in or around your property. Puddled or standing water should be evaporated 48 hours after the rain event has subsided. In winter months it may take longer than normal for water to evaporate.

  • WARNING: In your 1-year workmanship warranty, grades, drainage, swales, site work and soil erosion completed and designed by Capshaw, their agents or sub-contractors will be voided if changes, additions, or alterations to the landscape of your property. Altering landscape or grading could change how water escapes the property and result in major damages.

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