New Construction Settlement

  • Generally speaking, it will take around nine months to a year for your new home to settle. Common settlement includes nail pops, hairline cracks, separation around molding (door frames and windows), cracked or exposed corner bead, excessive joint compound, trowel marks or blisters in drywall tape that are visible from a distance under 6 ft normal lighting conditions.
  • Under the workmanship warranty, visible settlement is repaired one-time only. Our recommendation is to notate the settlement on your 10-month walk through to allow time for most of the settlement to occur.
  • Settlement repairs that require paint work to be completed in your home under the 1-year workmanship warranty, our warranty team will do their best to match/blend colors as close to the original paint in the home. We are not required to paint entire walls and or rooms of the home where work is performed, only the area in which the settlement is repaired.
  • Information regarding your 2-10 Home Buyer’s Coverage can be found on page 27 of your 2-10 HBW booklet.